Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kub Kar Show & Shine

This is the next show that I’ll be participating in

Jamie aka Mad-Hatters-Neverland made a post over at the October Toys Forum explaining the idea behind the show:

I’m a cub scout leader (hard to believe I know). What this means is that I put in endless hours of work a week to “teach” and “entertain” a group of 30 kids how to become better – better people, better whatever, just better.

Beyond this, I also run the area rally for 150 kids + families. Once a year, we give the kids a “Kub Kar Kit” (Pinewood Derby in the USA) – basically a block of wood, 4 wheels and some nails and they design and build a car (of course) to race in a rally.

I’d love to have a mini show (in March) based on these kits at the rally – the Ultimate DIY Kit. Yes, there are rally rules about weight and size etc. but I decided that for this show/experiment, I’m not going to limit the pieces to the “rules” – heck, I don’t even care if it runs as a “car”. The only criteria is that it use the wood and wheels as the starting point.

If anyone’s interested in taking part, I’ll send you 2 kits – one for you to send back for the show and one for you to keep. Just remember that at least half the audience will be kids. If this idea sounds cool by anybody – or if you have a better idea, PM me

I believe he is still taking people on for this show, so if you’re interested send him a message.

I’m really looking forwards to this project. I was a cub in my younger years, and I really loved building the Kub Kars.


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