Tuesday, July 21, 2009

October Toys Gwin Devil Project

I really like the October Toys Forums. There’s a nice little community there that is free of trolls and other undesirables in a message board environment. George who is one of the owners of October Toys put a call out to artists on the forum for a special Gwin project he was working on. 11 artists supplied their intrepretation of a Satanic Pentagram and George added the designs to blind bagged custom Gwins he did up for SDCC. They will be available at the October Toys booth #4838 so don’t sleep on these.

Here’s the lot of them

Click photo to embiggen

The one with my art is between the two non-red Gwins.

This is my interpretation of the pentragram that I submitted:

Sorry this update has been the first in over a month. I’ll try to be a better blogger, promise!

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