Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

So if you’ve been following the SundayDoodle shenanigans over on my twitter you know the score. For those that don’t here’s the skinny: Every sunday, unless otherwise noted, I tweet a message around 8am stating #SundayDoodle is on, and ask for suggestions on what to draw. The first reply is the one I go with.

To date these are the suggestions that I have received and doodled:
-puple monkey dishwasher
-a lady with a dishwasher face baking muffins
-a rabid granny with a highly religious cat
-a robotic gerbil
-a magical pony and ice cream
-zombie vegetables
-a badger dressed as a Victorian gentleman riding a robotic unicorn that’s far too angular for it’s own safety
-an army of cocks invading earth

I will be taking better photos of these and posting them on my flickr.

This Sunday I’ll be doing something a li ttle different. The requests will still go out as normal and I can’t wait to see which suggestion comes in first, remember nothing is too bizzare or taboo for me to doodle. So it’s a secret, but if you like what I’ve done so far you’ll want to be around Sunday morning. The call usually goes out around 7 or 8am EST. See you there!

Oh, you will of course need a twitter account and be following my twitter @ADDEccentric to play the game.

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